We are a team of precision machine specialists dedicated to perfecting our craft, unwavering in our pursuit of knowledge. With an eye on international standards, we have expanded business overseas. We are humbled by the high praise we have received from our overseas customers. We will continue to deliver advanced technology and high-quality products to the world, in sync with the development of the local industries.

We established our business in 1981 as a manufacturing base for precision machinery components within the SUGASAWA Group. Since then, we have been engaged in the production of precision machinery parts.
The sales department has been consolidated into the group company, SUGASAWA SEIKI. We aim for further growth and advancement together with our domestic and international customers and collaborative partners.

We specialize in the manufacturing of precision machinery components for various industries, including industrial engine parts, hydraulic equipment parts, and aerospace components. Our expertise lies in precision machining, allowing us to produce high-quality and reliable parts.
We have facilities capable of assembling precision machined components and conducting functional testing. Additionally, we maintain an integrated production system, which includes material sourcing and special processes.

We prioritize not only product quality but also company quality. Obtaining ISO certification is one of the ways we demonstrate this commitment. It reflects our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, building trust, and providing a sense of security for our customers.