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Sugasawa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information.
To provide you with products and services in a professional manner, we will protect personal information based on the following policies:

    • 1. Our company complies with laws related to personal information, including relevant regulations and guidelines set by the competent ministers. We handle personal information appropriately and take appropriate measures for security management.
    • 2. Our company provides guidance to employees and affiliated companies to ensure proper handling of personal information.
    • 3. Our company will use the personal information provided by customers for product development, customer service, and providing information about our products and services, including new products information.
    • 4. Our company will not provide personal information provided by customers to third parties without the customer's consent, except in the following cases:
    • When the customer has agreed to the disclosure of personal information.
    • When disclosure is required by law or by a request from a government agency.
    • When disclosing within the necessary scope to subcontractors in order to provide services to customers by our company.In this case, we will rigorously manage customer's personal information through contracts or other means.
    • 5. Our company will acquire personal information through legal and fair means within the necessary scope for business purposes.
    • 6. If customers wish to disclose, correct, stop receiving information about products or services, or delete their personal information, our company will promptly respond in good faith based on the provisions of the law.
    • 7. To thoroughly protect customers' personal information, our company will periodically review and continuously improve the above personal information protection policy.

For inquiries related to the registration, modification, or deletion of customer's personal information, please contact the respective contact points where you registered your personal information.
【Phone】 0237-84-5641
【Address】 160-2 Chuo Industrial Park, Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture, 991-0061, Japan

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